Paypal is Introducing Installment Payments – “Pay in 4”

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PayPal is introducing a new payment option for your customers. Starting October, your online customers can pay with 4 easy installments known as “Pay in 4”.

The best part? There are no additional fees to you. As a merchant, you will still receive the full transaction amount minus the regular transaction cost in your PayPal account directly after purchase. This payment option will be part of PayPal Pay later which also includes PayPal credit.

To help you get the news out to your customers, Paypal is even providing a free marketing banner carousel that you can put right on your website. That way, they will know about all of these key benefits right from the start of their customer journey.

How does this help you?
Increase Conversion Rates
Increase in Revenue
Increase Customer Loyalty
Increase Customer LTV (Lifetime Value)
Decrease Costs of Customer Acquisition
Decrease Costs of Customer Retention

With the holiday season around the corner, there is no better time to take advantage of this tool, so activate your marketing banners to notify your customers and capitalize on the lift in conversion rates.

To activate your free “Paypal later – Pay in 4” marketing banners, follow the steps below:
1) Go to
2) Log in with your PayPal credentials
3) Click on “Messaging Library”
4) Choose Webpage
5) Choose Credit banners
6) Choose the banner color that compliments your website
7) Click on “Get message code”
8) Copy and paste that code into the back-end of your website to display.

For more info, visit PayPal’s official page at

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