New Integration! Access Zapier without leaving Pipedrive

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Pipedrive is a sales pipeline and CRM platform for dealmakers.

CRM = Customer Relationship Management.

Pipedrive allows you to stay organized, close deals faster, and access your pipeline from anywhere.

Thanks to a recent product update, Pipedrive users can now access Zapier directly from the CRM itself! With Zapier, you can connect different web apps and Zap information between them. Creating these Zaps allows you to automate repetitive tasks. Now you can create them right where you manage your deals, activities, and contacts.

Automatically post new deal notifications to Slack, add new deals to Excel or Google Sheets, or create tasks in Asana for new sales activities. You name it! You can automate all of your common sales-related tasks right from the Pipedrive app.

By creating Zaps, you can reduce manual data entry, save time, and close the gap from initial outreach to close. With Zapier in Pipedrive, you can spend more time doing what matters the most in your business: selling and taking care of your clients.

→ Automate your CRM with Zapier’s Pipedrive integrations.

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